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Kevlar Protective Textiles

Unlike woven Kevlar fabric that must be used in conjunction with a resin matrix (such as epoxy resin) to make a rigid Kevlar composite, knitted Kevlar can be used on its own as a flexible textile fabric to add its excellent performance in heat, abrasion and slash protection to a range of applications.

Knitted Kevlar is soft and flexible and, with the exception of the Kevlar felt, has a good level of stretch too making it perfect for use lining garments such as T-shirts, jeans, trousers, gloves and underwear. Adding a liner of Kevlar to any of these garments will significantly improve the protection they offer against slashes from knives, ripping (such as high speed contact with the road surface) and burns.

Knitted Kevlar is also often used in fire toys where it is wound around juggling batons and similar before being soaked in flammable liquid and ignited. Because of Kevlar's very high combustion temperature it will act as a wick for the flammable liquid without burning itself.

Easy Composites carry a range of knitted Kevlar and Kevlar reinforced textiles in different weights, weaves and finishes. Take a look at the properties and recommended uses for the different materials to establish which will be the most suitable for your requirements.

All our Kevlar Protective Textiles use genuine Dupont Kevlar fibre. They are woven in the UK by the country's leading manufacturer of technical fabrics and supplied to the police, fire and emergency services and protective clothing manufacturers around the world.

If you are looking for woven Kevlar reinforcement, such as would be laminated with resin to produce a rigid Kevlar reinforced material, click here.

This Kevlar aramid patch material has a heavy, black, high solids backing that creates a durable, waterproof and cleanable barrier making this material perfect for use as a reinforcement for vulnerable areas exposed to the elements like ski pants, luggage
£13.64 (ex VAT)

Heavyweight woven Kevlar aramid protective fabric with a thick fleece finish on one side. Offers a high level of protection particularly suitable for adding protection to high risk areas such as knees, elbows, shoulders etc. in motorcycle clothing.
£12.43 (ex VAT)

Lightweight Kevlar aramid felt excellent slash and rip protection however its felt construction has almost no stretch and is uncomfortable if worn directly against the skin making it unsuitable for full lining of clothes.
£11.45 (ex VAT)

Soft, knitted Kevlar aramid protective fabric perfect for stitching into jeans, jackets, t-shirts, gloves etc. to add Kevlar protection from abrasion, burns and sharp objects. Ideal choice for motorcycle clothing and general use.
£11.40 (ex VAT)